A powerful church database

You need a bird's-eye view. We give it to you

Use the profile view to see a person’s contact info, involvement in church, and how they are progressing along the growth path.

Powerful search tools.

Need a list of all married men between the ages of 18 and 45 who have not yet attended your annual men’s conference? No problem. Our Advanced search tool allows you to mix and match your search criteria so you can get a list of just the right people.

Protect sensitive info

GoDoChurch is designed to be used by all your leaders. Each person has their own login, and you can control each person’s access to the database using permission levels.

Capture staff info

Capture staff employment dates, preaching license expiration dates, whether staff have medical aid, and more!

Family is important

You can link profiles together into a family unit, and add kids info too.

Use Google Maps to capture addresses

We’ve made it super easy to add address info using Google Maps.

Communicate with ease

Send reminders with SMS

Sending SMSes is super easy with GoDoChurch. Zero setup is required. And if your congregation is using the app you can save on the cost of SMSes by sending a push notification to the mobile app.

Share announcements via email

The News module allows you to create news channels for different aspects of your church. Your congregation can then subscribe to whichever channels they want, ensuring they always have the most up-to-date church news.

Send beautiful emails with MailChimp templates

Upgrade the quality of your communication by using beautifully designed MailChimp templates directly in GoDoChurch. You can also sync your GoDoChurch data with your MailChimp lists.

An app for your church

The future is mobile

There is no better way to connect with your congregation than through your own church app. The app allows your congregation to update their personal info, register for events, listen to sermons, and so much more.

Boost your discipleship

A mobile app gives your congregation an easy way to see upcoming events, read church announcements, and see how they are progressing along your growth path, greatly boosting discipleship.

Keep contact info up-to-date

Effective communication is the bedrock of a solid discipleship strategy. With the mobile app your congregation can update their own contact info, and this syncs effortlessly with your GoDoChurch database, meaning you always have the most up-to-date contact info for your congregation.

Event registration made easy

See upcoming events, register, and pay for your ticket, all though the mobile app.

Let us handle the ticketing

When a person registers for an event they automatically receive their ticket via email, containing all the information they need. Never worry about event registration again.

COMING SOON: A follow-up strategy that adds first-time visitors.

Ensuring first-time visitors are properly followed up is a real challenge for churches. GoDoChurch allows you to assign a visitor to one of your leaders for follow-up, and then sends the info to their mobile app. From there they can update the follow-up status of that person. Finally, a follow-up solution that actually works!

Grow your church with excellent follow up

Follow up made easy

Every Sunday first-time visitors attend your church. GoDoChurch gives you the tools to effectively follow them up.

Welcome visitors with a click of a button

We have a ‘quick search’ button in the Follow-up module that shows you all the first-time visitors on a Sunday, and with a click of a button you can pop them a friendly email. We recommend using the MailChimp integration as this allows you to design and use a beautiful, branded email template.

Assign leaders to follow up and track their status

To have a leader follow someone up, simply assign them as the point person. GoDoChurch will send them an email with all the info they need. You can then use the follow-up status tracker to make sure people are being followed up.

Utilise the power of technology

COMING SOON: The Follow-up module on the app allows point people to access all their follow-up records on the go, and update their status too.

Powerful reporting

Measure how many visitors you had, their age groups, and a host of other great reporting tools.

Event management made easy

Surely it can't be that easy?

As a church you run events all the time. Registering people, communicating with them, handling ticket payment, and registering them on the day, involves a lot of work! Until now, that is.

Run paid events with different ticket types

With GoDoChurch you can easily run paid events with different ticket types (early bird, couples, etc). When a person registers for an event GoDoChurch automatically emails them their registration code, as well as the relevant info about the event. You can then use the system to keep track of who has paid.

Register online or via the mobile app

When you create an event in GoDoChurch we automatically create an online sign-up webpage for you which can be used for online registration. Or if your church is using the app, the easiest way to register for an event is through your church’s mobile app.

On-the-day sign-in

Use GoDoChurch to sign people into the event on the day, see what kind of ticket they purchased, and whether they have paid. And because the system is cloud-based, you can have several people all using the system at once. No more Excel sheets needed!

Life groups

Growth happens in community

GoDoChurch gives you everything you need to manage the life groups in your church. Begin by creating custom group categories and types, then go-ahead and add all your groups into the system, specifying who the leaders are, when they meet, and for whom the life group caters. Next time you need to recommend a life group to someone you will have all the info you need at your fingertips.

Communication is key

Needing to contact your life group leaders with important church announcements is a normal part of church life. You can use the powerful Groups Search feature to generate a list of everyone you need to contact, and then, at a click of a button, send them an SMS or email.

Powerful reporting

Draw reports on life group growth, and easily see which age groups, regions, and suburbs make up your life groups.

Kids Church

Manage your kids church classes

Set up classes, assign a teacher to the class, and add all the kids who belong to that class. On Sunday your volunteers can use GoDoChurch to sign kids into their classes, or send a message to the parents if needed.

Secure check-in/out

When kids are safe, parents are happy. When a parent signs a child into a class, they are SMSed a private code which they can use to sign the child out again.

Capture attendance

Ever wondered when the last time was that a particular child visited kids church? You can use the attendance report to get that info.

Streamline check-in

If you have lots of kids on a Sunday it can really help to have parents sign their own kids in without assistance. To do this simply launch the kids sign-in page on a tablet or laptop, and with a few taps, parents can sign their kids in. Magic!

Empower discipleship with a custom growth path

Point people in the right direction

Every church has a set of regular activities designed to help their congregation grow in the Lord. The Growth Path module allows you to craft your own growth path, and then track how congregants are progressing through it.

Communicate with the right people at the right time

Running a Biblical Foundations course again, but only want to invite those who have not yet attended? Not a problem: you can use the Advanced Search feature to send a message to all people who have not yet participated in that activity.

Use the app to make info easily available

Now your congregation can easily get info about the activities in your growth path, directly from the mobile app. The app also lets them mark off an activity they have participated in, giving you unprecedented insight into church involvement.


GoDoChurch is the best value-for-money product on the market. You only pay for the features you need, and kids are not counted towards the size of your database.

Select the maximum number of profiles in your database

Base Package

Optional Add-ons



Kids Church

Mobile App

Monthly Total

*There is a once-off cost of R1200 for all churches on a paid plan.

Go ahead, take it for a test drive

It takes 30 seconds to set-up, and there are plenty of help files, walk-throughs, and getting-started guides if you need them.